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Albino Tui with Manuka


Image of Albino Tui with Manuka
  • Image of Albino Tui with Manuka
  • Image of Albino Tui with Manuka
  • Image of Albino Tui with Manuka

The Tui is an enigmatic native bird of New Zealand, an adored bush and garden visitor and skillful mimic of song. Lover of nectar which it collects with its long white feathered tongue, often seen with nose dusted heavily with fertile pollen. Usually a deep iridescent black and turquoise, with radiant ruffs of white feathers under the chin, and regal collar of white crescents around the neck; the rare albino Tui is occasionally sighted, who’s ghostly apparition ignites a feeling that you‘ve just been allowed a glimpse into a secret natural world.

Here glowing, perched in the coarse branches of the Manuka tree, known for the rich honey produced by the bees who frequent its delicate flowers. Curious, watchful and intelligent.

Here you can buy your own giclee prints of this original painting made in watercolour, ink and gouache. These prints are of the highest quality, printed using 100 year archival inks, on acid free 100% cotton rag. Resulting in the rich colours with velvety matt black tones on thick (290gsm) stock.

Each is had signed and embossed with monogramn.

Available in two sizes
A3 sized print(420 x 297 mm) (11.69 x 16.53 inches)
A2 sized print(420 x 594 mm) (16.53 x 23.39 inches)

-Sam Rulz