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Image of Kinstugi
  • Image of Kinstugi
  • Image of Kinstugi
  • Image of Kinstugi

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing what is broken with seams of gold. When the concept is applied to ourselves we can visualise healing our own pain with not only fortitude but with an attitude of beauty and value. The background colour is known as Shu, a Japanese auspicious red. Her skin is intended to resemble ceramics as this is the material traditionally treated with the Kintsugi technique, embracing instead of rebuking its fragile nature. Her pose is inspired by the posturing of someone taking a deep breath to awaken themselves.

Each is had signed and embossed with monogramn.

High quality giclee A3 sized print(420 x 297 mm), on 290 gsm Acid free 100% cotton rag, of archive quality! Printed in the richest colours and velvety matt black ink.

-Sam Rulz